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This house has beautiful views and is situated across the street from one of Edmonton’s most premier horticultural attractions, the Muttart Conservatory. Our client is a Home Builder that FLIS Interior Design has worked with in the past and we’ve selected all the finishes for his duplexes. FLIS also did the interiors for 2 of his personal homes as well.


Our client has a very strict eye for finishes and quality. He wanted a “dark” house where you walk in and it lightens up. Lots of glass to allow the light to filter through and illuminate the whole home. 


The whole thing about this house was a black kitchen! It might seem like an easy thing to achieve, however the struggle with this was to find a product that left minimal finger prints, especially with it being a family home. It was a challenge, but we did it.


Throughout the property our client wanted a high-end clean look, so we chose to wrap it in a the light wood background (also on the fireplace) as the backsplash. This is still a family home with kids, so it had to stay practical and able to withstand a busy, active family. And that even included getting black fashionable baby gates for all the stairs.


Key Features: Overall colour palette is neutral and adds a warmth of naturalness. 

Decor is very high-end with minimal pieces and the trick here was the size of furniture. We use a large scale size to give presence and scale. This also helped reduce the amount of pieces we needed.

Highest quality.

Modern elegance.

Family home.