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I n t e r i o r  D e s i g n


Residential Interior Design is an integral part of Architecture and FLIS Interior Design is focused on creating interior spaces that make the building both functional and aesthetically appealing. It’s our job to make it a ‘home’ for the people who live in the space.


The interior needs to be liveable – comfortable and usable and we will find out how you use your home and how it can work better for you.


We don’t create design schemes for ‘our’ homes – we create them for ‘yours’. 


Niki possesses an artistic flair and the business acumen necessary for planning interior spaces and managing the project from the start, through installation and until a successful completion. When working with her, she will decipher the puzzle of building works, home furnishings and accessories by providing you with a light at the end of the Residential Interior Design tunnel!




Residential Interior Design is a matter of balancing aesthetic and function, so Niki will need to consider the primary function of the Residence: it is a place where people live, and her primary focus is creating a liveable space using the 7 Elements of Interior Design – Space, Line, Forms, Lights, Colour, Texture and Pattern.

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